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  • I haven't seen a mosquito since we had the system installed. It's the most effective thing we've ever tried. I could be a walking advertisement for Bite Back. You guys are the best!

    Mrs. Francis K.

  • Gosh - We love that misting system. What a difference maker. And we've been surprised at how little maintenance is required to keep it working.

    Robert G.

  • I'm a mosquito magnet. But now I can sit out by our pool and not be bothered by mosquitoes. I'm a big fan of that misting system!

    Suzie R.

  • Our misting system is the best investment we made in our property.

    Michelle W.

  • I am so glad we did this, it really works well!

    Don C.

  • I would like to highly recommend Lane and his staff at Bite Back. During spring and summer months our family loves to spend time on our back patio. Before we had our misting system this was just not possible without being bombarded by mosquitoes. Since installing our misting system the mosquitoes have virtually vanished. We consider it to be one of the best investments we have ever made for our home and as long as we live in East Texas we will have a mosquito misting system from Bite Back.

    Donnie T.

  • We just bought our second system from you guys for our new home. Your service is great and the system really works well.

    Michael H.

  • That thing really works! The mosquitoes are gone, and believe me, we had a bad problem with mosquitoes before getting the system.

    Mrs. John H.

  • My husband asked me in early spring… When is the mosquito guy coming? And that's from a man who was completely skeptical about buying the misting system. It works Great!

    Stacy D.

  • My sister and her husband stayed with us last summer while their new house was being built. They were so impressed with our misting system, they want you install one on their new home.

    Rob K.

  • We just sold our house, and I've passed your contact information along to the new owners. I'm sure they will be in touch. We are moving to another neighborhood and we would like y'all to install a system at our new house.

    Jerry L.

  • Our misting system is Fabulous! We can sit outside, enjoy our patio and pool without getting bit by mosquitoes. We love it!

    Denise H.

  • Thank you so much for fitting us into your schedule. Jeff and I are SO very pleased with your service.

    Diane V.

  • Recently, we had our 2 daughters, and 5 grandchildren stay with us. We spent most of the week in our backyard and swimming pool. Not one mosquito bite! Last year, you couldn't sit out in our yard. We're very happy with our misting system!

    Lindsey B.